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Camp Traditions- Birthdays

Angie Reeder, a camper in bunk 18B, is celebrating her thirteenth birthday today. Campers celebrating a birthday wear a special t-shirt whilst staff and friends share a birthday greeting, note, song, or hug. In addition, birthday packages are welcome along with a phone call.  This morning, Angie received a call from her Grandmother to wish her happy birthday.

Traditions are an essential part of our lives, from holiday celebrations to family gatherings. It is only fitting that here at camp, where family and community is so strong, we value traditions from the past and those being carried forward into the next generation. Every summer campers look forward to the amazing Fourth of July fireworks, Halloween, Morry's Fun Run, and so much more. Big or small, these moments and events bring a sense of belonging to our community.

Carolyn Dorfman, one of our camp directors, stops to wish Angie a happy birthday and sign her birthday t-shirt.

Mia Brown, a returning camper of four years, looks forward to the tradition of celebrating her birthday at camp surrounded by her camp family.  This morning, Mia’s bunkmates decorated her bed with colorful balloons and streamers, shared cake, and signed her birthday t-shirt.