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Creative Play in Bunk 14B

"We are a very creative and imaginative bunch. In the evenings, when we are all together we enjoy making up stories," said Rose, a camper in bunk 14B. If you were fortunate enough to be in bunk 14B you would have enjoyed an action-packed day full of structured activities to learn, have fun, and use your imagination in a relaxed and supportive environment.

The morning started with gymnastics with our specialists Maggie, Chloe, and Amy. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced gymnast, the focus was on learning the core skills through exciting drills and exercises while simply having fun.

"I've been practicing gymnastics for about three years, and it’s really fun doing gymnastics with my camp friends," said Lilly.

"I love working with the kids, said Chloe, from Birmingham, U.K, shown on the left. I came back for a second year, because I didn't wish to disappoint anyone. The gymnastics pavilion is like it own little magical place, I love working here."

Gabby, a camper in bunk 14B, is being supported by Amy, a former gymnastic instructor, who happily assists with classes when her husband visits as the camp physician.

Maggie, a gymnastic specialist, helps a camper develop her strength, flexibility as well as her self-confidence.

Arielle, shown with the heart t-shirt, is leaving her cabin and heading to cooking, her afternoon elective. When asked about what makes her bunkmates so special, her response was, "Everyone is so sweet. We've really bonded well together, it's a very inclusive environment where everyone respect each other's differences."

"In the evenings, we enjoy sitting on the floor together to play games and talk," said Mirah, shown with the cat ears.

It was a perfect day to cool off in the lake with your bunkmates.

Olivia, a swim instructor, is always patience and kind with the girls in bunk 14A and 14B as they learn the core skills used in swimming the butterfly.

Following a busy morning of gymnastics, ropes course, soccer, and swimming lessons, campers in bunk 14A and 14B enjoy taking time to explore, talk, and use their imagination.