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Hobby Night | Endless Opportunities

Camp provides endless opportunities for campers to express creativity, try new things, step outside their comfort zone, and take on new challenges.  Yesterday was Hobby Night, with everyone focused on their chosen activity, laughing and having fun. Whether it was playing cards in the dining hall, dancing to hip hop in Chick Hall, playing Quidditch on the soccer field, or harmonizing with the a cappella group, campers of all ages joined together to have fun.

There is an extensive range of activities to choose from, some of the most popular include fishing, chess, sign language, a cappella, magic tricks, photography, yoga, cards games, and more. The groups meet four times which provides an opportunity to develop new skills and make friends. Next week, campers have the choice of selecting a new hobby or continuing with the same activity.

Hobby Night

  • Camp Beautification

  • Camp Newsletter

  • Card Games

  • Cartooning

  • Chess

  • Fitnessd

  • Foreign Language

  • Glee Club/ A Cappella

  • Guitar/ Garage Band

  • Hip-Hop Dance

  • Magic Tricks

  • Photography

  • Quidditch

  • Sign Language

  • Sketching

  • Theater Groups/ Improv

  • Watercolor Painting

  • Wilderness Survival

  • Yoga

  • Fishing

  • International Sports

Campers have the option to choose from over twenty different activities to suit everyone's interests.

Card Games |

Sketching |

Camp Beautification | Sutton and members of the Camp Beautification group are looking forward to hiding their decorative rocks throughout the camp.

Camp Newsletter | Riley, shown in the middle, was pleased to share her notes taken during an interview with the Camp Directors, for the Camp Newsletter.

Magic tricks, Guitar/Garage Band, and Watercolor Painting are some of the many activities to choose from for Hobby Night.