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Nature Inspired Art and Bunk 3A

SIGS (Special Interest Groups) consist of some of the most popular activities at CWW, including sailing, dance, cooking, photography, STEM, coracles, snorkeling, and much more. SIGS are "free-choice" programs that provide an opportunity for campers to explore their individual interests, and encourages campers to pursue those interests they find most challenging. Campers design their own activity schedule on a weekly basis by selecting from several different activities. Campers select their electives and SIGs at the beginning of every week for that week.

Ziad Shobokshi, a camper in Bunk 3A, chose art for his SIG activity. The activity led by art specialists Hayley and Kaylen, was inspired by nature. Engrossed in his composition, Ziad used a stick and India ink to capture the distinct features of the foliage surrounding a nearby tree.

"I chose art as my SIG activity because I love to draw," said Ziad.

During the group critique, the art specialists shared a range of visual elements and design principles. "Personal opinions must be supported with explanation, evidence or justification, says art specialist Hayley. ‘I like this’ or ‘I don’t like this’ without any further explanation or justification is not analysis. Repeating shapes, patterns, and symmetry, as well as the importance of defining composition was explained during the critique.

Campers in bunk 3A, enjoy a group paddle in a coracle, a popular boating activity. Lightweight and propelled using a single paddle, the coracle, a small round boat traditionally found in Wales, Scotland, Ireland and Western England.

Camper and counselors in bunk 3A attend morning meeting to cheer, sing songs, answer trivia, and discuss the exciting activities planned for the day.