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Reaching New Heights- The Aerial Adventure Course with Boys in Upper Upper Camp

At the aerial adventure, the quiet sounds of nature are often accompanied by a sudden joyous shout, "I did it!”, along with the "click, click, click" of safety clips closing.  The clicking sounds come from the Smart Safety Belay (SSB) system that ensures campers are hooked on to safety lines whenever they move through the course or from platform to platform. During a recent visit, a group of boys from Upper Upper Camp, enjoyed the thrill of swinging on cargo nets, traversing log bridges, walking tightropes, and navigating many more elements that demanded a combination of balance, strength, and perseverance to manoeuvre. "Sometimes I close my eyes during the course because I enjoy the thrill and the challenge, "said Zachary.

"I love everything about the aerial course," said Grant a camper in Bunk 10B.  As the boys in Upper Upper Camp are challenged to move from platform to platform up in the trees they carefully complete the course before proceeding to remove their harnesses and helmets. Finally gathering to share stories of thrills and challenges they’ve experienced on the course, before grabbing a drink of water and departing for the next exciting activity. 

Our comprehensive camp program includes outdoor adventure, land and water sports, creative arts, performing arts, fitness, and more. Campers are given the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of activities, many of which they may never have tried before, the aerial adventure course is one such activity.

When the campers were asked why they demonstrated so much confidence on the aerial course, their response was, "We've been doing this for years and have had loads of practice." Harrison, a camper in bunk 9, is shown above maneuvering through the course with skill and confidence.

"The aerial course is really fun and I enjoy the challenge," said Max (shown on the right).

Wesley, from bunk 9, said "My favorite part of the course is the free falling."