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The Power of Teamwork in Bunk 12B

One of the best places to teach kids teamwork skills is at summer camp. Teamwork at camp is much more than a group of athletes playing together to defeat another team during Inter-camp games. The power of teamwork is evident throughout the camp day as team based activities help campers develop skills, in listening, cooperation, and problem solving. Teamwork is clearly evident in bunk 12B.

Teamwork is a natural and fun part of the day as the campers participate in group activities, as well as living together as a camp family. It’s when campers in bunk 12B each do their part to clean up the bunk, it’s when campers brainstorm ideas on how to link together as a group and successfully roll down the hill, and it’s when the bunk divides up into teams to take turns learning skills in tennis or basketball. Campers who learn to work interdependently toward personal and team goals learn lifelong skills.

When Zoe, a returning camper, was asked what she liked best about her bunkmates, her response was: "We are all kind to one another, really funny and great friends."

Working as a team may not always be easy, but at Camp Walt Whitman cabin counselors and specialists teach the importance of teamwork and sportsmanship, and thoughtful programming offers team building to help our campers work through these moments. There is no better sound than hearing the cheers and excitement as a group of campers achieve a common goal, knowing that every team member played a role in the group’s overall success.