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Visiting Day

"I am anxious and super excited to see my family," said Caroline looking off in the distance in anticipation of her family’s arrival.  "Even though it's my fifth year at camp I still worry that my parents may be concerned about me,” said Toby. “Once they arrive, I’ll give them a big hug, and reassure them that's I'm doing well, then we all relax and enjoy the day together."

Campers in Bunk 19 eagerly wait for their families to arrive for Visiting Day.

It's 10 am, and over nine hundred guests have already arrived, to greet their children with open arms, tears of joy, and beaming smiles. It is truly a sight to behold.  Visiting day is a unique opportunity for families to share together in the magic of Camp Walt Whitman, and experience firsthand what's it's like to be a camper. Throughout the day families have the flexibility to tour cabins, speak with the counselors, meet our specialists, and participate in their child's favorite activity, or simply read a book in a chair by the lake, a wonderful setting for the entire family to come together and relax. 

A parade of happy families arrived to greet their children. Many families brought along lunch, as well as gifts such as books and stationery. Parents recognize the value of the camp experience, even so, some had never been away from their children for such an extended period of time.

Families are encouraged to take part in activities, with some children even teaching parents their newly acquired skills. It’s a golden opportunity for everyone to join in with the activities and recognize firsthand the many ways in which each child has developed during their time at camp.

Why Camp Walt Whitman? When asked what factors motivated the decision to send her kids to Camp Walt Whitman, Debbie, shown below with husband Larry said, "It's the opportunity for my children to live and thrive without being under the constant scrutiny of their parents."  "Camp gives my daughter the opportunity to experience the great outdoors, a very different place from where she lives in New York," said Larry.

Visiting Day was the ideal opportunity to celebrate a family birthday, spend time together, and have fun.  Olivia, shown on the far right, has gathered with her cousins, parents, as well as Aunt and Uncle.  When asked why she returns every summer, her response was, "I can't imagine being anyplace else other than Camp Walt Whitman."

Camp challenges campers to be their very best without the pressure of unrealistic expectations or judgements. Oliver, shown with his Mother Cathy, is returning to camp for his fourth year.  He loves camp and enjoys reuniting with old friends.  Oliver recently performed the role of the Genie, in Aladdin, with Middle Campers.

Milo, shown with his proud parents, said: "The excellent camp staff play an important role in the quality of camp experience for Milo, he loves his counselors." 

Visiting day is a wonderful intergenerational experience. Iris, a camper in Upper Camp, is pleased to share her favorite parts of camp with her grandfather and mother Sarah.  When Sarah was asked why she sends her daughter to Camp Walt Whitman she responded, with a smile, "It's a magical place."

With temperatures in the 90's, the lake was a popular spot to cool off and have fun with friends and family.